Who needs this?

If you’re considering working with an executive coach, you’re likely at a pivotal moment in your career. Maybe you’ve started to hit your stride as a leader but feel you haven’t tapped your full potential. Or your organization, maybe your entire sector, has reached an inflection point that calls for new levels of performance – new kinds of creative thinking – new tools for rallying support from your teams, customers and stakeholders.

You may be an established C-suite executive. A rising corporate star. An entrepreneur facing the new challenges that success brings. Or you may be an HR leader charged with helping your organization’s executives develop and grow. Or a member of a board committee looking to boost management’s performance. I’ve worked with clients in all of these scenarios and many more. The senior leaders I’ve coached in recent years include:

  • Chairman of a UK-based international professional services firm
  • CEO of a private equity–backed agribusiness enterprise
  • CMO and VP of store operations for a major Canadian speciality retailer
  • COO and VP of sales and marketing for a Canadian manufacturer
  • VPs of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition for a Top 10 North American bank
  • Chief Client Officer of an industry-leading coalition loyalty program
  • Canadian CFO and CHRO of a leading global insurance company
  • Commissioner and CFO of a national sports league
  • CFO of a high-profile Canadian consumer products retailer
  • COO of Canada’s leading provider of mobility and accessibility solutions
  • Chief Client Officer of a global retail strategy and analytics company
  • VP of Network Strategies for one of Canada’s largest banks
  • Director of Community Relations for a high-profile house of fashion brands
  • Director of Customer Support for a fast-growing business software company
  • An entrepreneur creating and launching her AI-driven service business
  • The board of a globally respected mental health treatment and research centre