How it works

Effective coaching is an organic, adaptive, highly personalized process. But it’s a process all the same, with a beginning, an end and some logical steps in between.

Stage 1
Assessment and strategy

  • We start with an introductory call to get to know each other and talk generally about where you are on your leadership path. It’s an opportunity to see if we’re a good fit and get a sense of how we’d work together.
  • If we decide to move forward, we drill down deeper, taking stock of where you are, where you want to go and how you’ll get there. This visioning process may include some formal assessments, which we review together.
  • We define your values, your unique talents and your personal mission. Then we develop a leadership plan that’s specifically aligned with your objectives and your organization’s strategic priorities.

Stage 2
The work

  • We begin meeting on a regular basis to put your plan into action: setting targets, addressing challenges, bridging gaps and celebrating wins (and analyzing exactly how you achieved them).
  • Throughout this stage, I share models, tools and resources to support and guide you. We talk – a lot – about what’s working, what isn’t and how to adjust and refine your leadership approach to keep gaining momentum. I help guide your reflection, but this is fundamentally about you being accountable to yourself. Sometimes there’s homework.
  • These one-on-one consultations typically span six to 12 months. We do a structured progress check every three months. And if relevant, we may incorporate meetings with your corporate sponsor and/or your team.

Stage 3
Closing and next Steps

  • As we near the end of the process, at least for the plan we’ve mapped out together, we evaluate the progress you’ve made toward your goals.
  • We then determine how you can leverage your success in deciding what comes next for you and your leadership.

What you can expect: Self-reflection, learning and development. Trusted guidance and advice. A sounding board – occasionally a lightning rod – for issues you’re wrestling with. Personal and professional transformation (there’s that word again).

What you shouldn’t expect: Therapy. Cheerleading. Constant epiphanies (they come, but there’ll be hard work in between).