You’re a good leader. Now it’s time to become a great one.

You’ve achieved a lot. Your agenda is overflowing. The pace is relentless. So this may not feel like the right time to stop and reflect on how you can improve as a leader. But to create the kind of impact you’re aiming for, it’s more important than ever. And if not now, when?

I help good leaders get even better.

You’ve already shown what you can do. But how can you build on that to do even more – to become the kind of leader you know you can be? Focused. Decisive. Inspiring. Making bold moves that drive impact. This is where I come in. As an executive coach, I help you tap into your proven strengths and find ways to make them even stronger.

Couldn’t you figure this out on your own?

Sure, probably. It’s not magic. But you know from your own leading and mentoring how much clearer things tend to look when someone else is pointing them out. Especially someone with a wealth of experience in helping leaders gain perspective on how they’ve been doing so far – and what they could be doing better.

This might hurt a little.

The goal of coaching is clarity – about where you are and where you want to be. I help you dig deeper into your goals and ambitions. We also talk about doubts, uncertainties and vulnerabilities, and how they make you a better leader. This can involve asking some tough questions, even confronting a few hard truths. But you’re used to that.

We’re talking about big change here.

The word transformative is overused – and I’ve just used it again. But the fact is expert coaching, done well, will accelerate your career. The work we do together will make you a more effective leader, better at motivating teams and driving performance. And it will help you become a more well-rounded, balanced – and fulfilled – person.

So what should you expect from me?

Insight and curiosity. Candour and empathy. Relentless focus – while knowing when to lighten up. And the lessons learned through 25-plus years of successfully coaching senior leaders in diverse sectors and organizations around the world. All of whom are still speaking to me. (Well, most of them.)

It’s at least worth a conversation.

Does my approach to coaching makes sense for you? We should talk about it. If we both feel the process will lead to valuable outcomes, we’ll agree on a structure and a clear set of goals. And then keep talking.